Top 10 Most Rewarding (to me) things about Home Schooling.

So, this year we will be going solo and saying good by to online public school!  We will enter the brave new world of traditionally home schooling.  I’m kind of the odd duck in my circle.  See, I’m learning to garden, cook from scratch, and coupon and can, I also practice attachment parenting, child-led weaning, co-sleep and own guns ;).   So you may see where I don’t fit into any “stereotypes”, and I am met with puzzled looks and half polite “oh, that’s interestings” when I say that we home school.  The last couple of years have been trying, to say the least, while home schooling.  We got burnt out in April, un-enrolled from the online school, and took an extended “vacation”.  I’d like to say we have done some really cool things, but honestly, we moved and have been trying to settle in since then.    Since the journey are are about to embark on looms on the horizon like a refreshing summer storm, I wanted to make a note of the 10 things I LOVE about home schooling.  A reminder to my future self of why I am doing this (not in any particular order, just the order as it is coming to me):

  1. I get to watch him learn.  I get to see all of those “ah-ha!” moments when it clicks.
  2. His education is tailored to him.  What HE likes.  Not a cookie cutter bland curriculum that everyone is getting whether its up to their level or too slow for them.  AND we can add in cool stuff like Latin and go as in-depth into Astronomy as we want to!
  3.   I can teach him according to the Word of God how I am instructed to teach him. 
  4. All the gas $ and lunch $ I am saving can go to other things for him such as day trips to museums and Tae Kwon Do classes!
  5. NO BULLIES!!!  I don’t have to worry about the trashy things his “peers” are teaching him!  I can teach him about how character matters, how to do things for others with a joyful heart and how to interact in the real world.  
  6. I don’t have to worry about Common Core Standards, No Child Left Behind or any other “Education Reform” idea that they come up with.  
  7. Home Schoolers consistently score higher than their peers on standardized tests.  Not that I worry about that since he has always scored higher anyway 😉
  8. The top colleges and universities across the nation have noticed and documented how much better their home schooled students do academically, socially, and with the transition into college than their public schooled peers.  I want my children to be those students!  (I remember what a shock the real world was from high school.  Nothing in school or home ever prepared me for it!)
  9. Mamas across the sands of time have been home schooling their children for centuries.  Only in the last 100 years of our entire human history have we sent our children away to be schooled by strangers!
  10. BECAUSE. I. WANT. TO!  😉

So my best tip to my future self for home schooling?  Breath.  Take a break.  Drink a cup o’ joe.  Go to the library or park.  Get out!  He will not fall behind, you are not failing him.  Love them for who they are now, because soon they will be gone!  Let the laundry pile, and dust bunnies settle.  Your children will not remember the dust, but they will remember Mama being mad. 

That’s not a memory anyone likes to have.




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