My First Modge Podge

My days start out like any other play-at-home mommies’ do.  I wake up, chug a tall glass of water, grumble until I finish my first cup of coffee and wake up, feed the chickens and let them out of their coop etc etc… Then I turn on the lap top and check any of the number of blogs I like to follow.  I’m flipping through the crafts pages of HowDoesShe and then I see it.  2×4 crafts?  Who has ever heard of 2×4 crafts??  I have a TON of 2x4s in my front yard!!  And what the heck is “Modge Podge?”

So while at Wal-Mart, I decide to pick up some of this “Modge Podge” and try my hand at these crafts.

This was 3 months ago.

So last night I decided to carpe diem!  I pulled out my Modge Podge, my scrap book papers, and my little wooden picture frame and start Podgin’! I only  have pictures of the finished product, but I will describe what I did.

I was nervous.  I had no idea what I was doing.  My grandma says I’m pretty crafty and artistic, but I’ve never attempted anything with glue and wood on my own (wood shop in 8th grade doesn’t count).

So, first I took a piece of leopard printed scrap book paper.  Now, these specialty single page, double sided pages are about .50 to 1.00 at the craft stores, and I didn’t want to waste it and my adventure flop.  So I decided to make a photo copy on the printer (much cheaper).

I traced around the paper and cut out a heart shape.

Then I gooped on the Modge Podge with the foam brush, and carefully put the traced and cut out leopard print paper on top.  I smoothed out the bubbles and let it dry.

Then I used a 180 grit piece of sand paper to go over the edges of the frame to roughly “round” off the edges.  This took some of the paper off, but that’s what I wanted.  I used some ink from my distressing kit I bought 8 years ago (yeah, I saved it for that long.  I didn’t even know what it was for when I first bought it!) to “dirty” and “rustic-i-fy” (my own word) the sides and edges.

Then I Modge Podged the whole frame including the sides and let it dry!

Then VOILA!  My rockin’ awesome new picture frame!


      What do you think?  Think I can start making and selling these babies??

What adventures have you had with Modge Podge?  I’m pretty sure it’s my new best friend!


One thought on “My First Modge Podge

  1. Wow it came out really nice! I bought some Modge Podge about 2 months ago and don’t know what the heck to do with it lol. It has just been sitting there waiting for me to open it and put it to use. That’s why I’m now browsing for ideas lol I need to start using it sometime soon haha…great idea by the way!
    Thanks for sharing.

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